Female Founders Voice Awards 2023

For Women Leaders and Founders!

  • November 30
  • 6 PM EST
  • TBD

Female Founders Voice Awards 2023 

WomELLE 2023 Celebration About The Awards

Every day, women are making their mark in the world as leaders and change-makers. They are blazing new trails and inspiring other young women to do the same. From business to politics to community activism, women are making their voices heard and pave the way for future generations. Women's accomplishments are being celebrated more and more, and rightfully so. WomELLE is proud to honor these extraordinary women with the Female Founders Voice Awards. 

The Female Founders Voice Awards recognize the outstanding achievements of businesswomen across the United States. These women are driving America's economic growth and making a tremendous impact in their communities. This prestigious award recognizes the best women founders in the country and celebrates their inspirational stories.   

So please join us in celebrating these inspiring women by supporting the Female Founders Voice Awards. Together, we can continue to empower women and help create a more equal and just world for everyone. 

Celebrating Women’s Successes

Women’s History Month is a celebration of the achievements of women throughout history. It is observed annually in March and provides an opportunity to reflect on women’s progress and raise awareness of the challenges that still need to be addressed.

March honors those women who have worked to break down barriers, allowing future generations of women to pass through with less resistance. While many advances have been made in recent years, there is still much work to achieve true gender equality.

During Women’s History Month, we celebrate the accomplishments of women from all walks of life and worldwide. We remember their struggles and those which they continue to face, and we reaffirm our commitment to working toward a more just and equitable society for all.

Highlights of 2023 Women's History Month

To celebrate Women’s History Month, we have created many events that will allow us to celebrate the successes of female founders worldwide. 

We are thrilled to showcase these women’s amazing work and provide a platform for their voices to be heard. We believe that these women are an inspiration to others and deserve to be celebrated for their accomplishments. 

Recipe for Success

Recipe for Success allows successful businesswomen to host a session that can spotlight their businesses while providing entrepreneurs with a solid foundation on how to grow a successful business.


She’s Possible

Every week, we will host a panel discussion as part of the She’s Possible series. Each panel will consist of 5 influential women from various backgrounds and fields.


Power Sessions

This session was designed for businesswomen to get answer to their business problems. Successful female's founders can host one session during Women's History Month to support other businesswomen.


Award Ceremony

On November 30, 2023, at Female Founders Voice Awards, we will award ten successful female founders that participated in the Women's History Month celebration.


The Impact

Your support of the Female Founders Voice Awards will help to inspire hope, expand opportunities and change lives. These events provide a powerful platform for female entrepreneurs to be heard and recognized. By supporting these celebration, you are helping to create a more level playing field for women in business and youth aged 13-18. You are also helping showcase the amazing talent and potential within the female entrepreneurial community.  In doing so, you are playing an important role in promoting gender equality and empowering women everywhere.  

She's Possible 2023 Certifications

Female Founders Voice Awards is an event created by our non-profit organization WomELLE for a Cause to recognize the successes of female entrepreneurs. The event was created to empower and encourage women entrepreneurs by providing them a platform to share their stories and inspire other women. In recognition of Women’s History Month, She’s Possible is celebrating the accomplishments of 25 Women who have been supporting women in their fields. To join one of the list please contact us to learn more. 

Top 50 Female Founders

This annual event will acknowledge and award the Top 50 Female Founders who have made significant contributions to their businesses and communities. We believe that through this event, we can encourage more women to pursue their dreams of starting their own businesses.

Top 50 Female Coaches

We will recognize the top 50 female coaches who have helped other women achieve their goals. This award will spotlight their amazing work in empowering other women to reach their full potential.

Top 50 Female Influencers

We will celebrate the success of the top 50 female influencers who have made a significant impact in their industries and have been a source of inspiration for other women.

Female Founders Voice Awards 2021 

Wonder who won last year? Watch the 2021 award ceremony online at the below link.
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Past Winners

The Female Founders Voice Awards Past Winners

A business must meet the following requirements to be eligible for the Female Founders Voice Awards

Women leaders or Women-owned for-profit businesses operating for at least one (1) year.
Your business must be privately owned, and 100% own by a woman. (No exception)
Have less than 250 employees OR have gross revenues of less than $20 million
Benefits of winning an award

Gain national recognition as one of the respectful businesses in the US

The award is a great differentiator that can help your Product or Service

Instant credibility for new and existing clients

Give your sales a boost and show your new & old customers your company's achievements

Great positive exposure for your business

Leverage your award recognition to gain more media exposure for your company

What you received if win

An official "Winner's Medallion" you can display on your website, social media, and email marketing

An award to display in your office to showcase your company's achievements

A press release announcement listing your business as a winner

Listed as a "Winner" on our main website and WomLEAD Magazine website linking back to your company website

Featured on WomLEAD Magazine December issue

Social media, newsletter exposure and Award ceremony live event with the opportunity to speak

HOW DO I APPLY? Nominate a Woman-Owned You Know

The Female Founders Voice Awards by WomELLE is carefully handpicked from nominees' submissions. To nominate a candidate you consider best fits the profile required for a category; please click the link below. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can participate
Women founders who own a business and leaders.
Is there a cost to apply for the award?
There's a $25 fee to submit a nomination application and $275 non-refundable cost to participate in this award if you win. All fees are tax-deductible.
How can I participate?
You can nominate a candidate that you consider best fits the profile required for a category here.
What do winners receive?
A winner receives a magnificent award designed to differentiator her Product or Service with business name or her name and category.
When and how will my company know if we won?
You will receive a congratulation letter by mail or email.
Do you need more help?
Contact awards@womelle.org and/or 561-880-8930 for additional questions.

Female Founders Voice Awards 2021 

Wonder who won last year? Watch the 2021 award ceremony online at the below link.
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If you believe it,
you can achieve it

Join us for the 2023 Female Founders Voice Awards Ceremony. To be held on Thursday, November 30 at 6:00 pm EST