Celebrating Women's Achievements

She’s Possible is an annual celebration in honor of Women’s History Month. The event aims to acknowledge and pay tribute to 40 Top Influential Women of our time. Through this celebration, She’s Possible aims to not only recognize the iconic women who have left their mark on history, but also inspire and encourage the new generation to dream big and believe that anything is possible. This event serves as a powerful reminder that women can achieve great things and make a significant impact on the world.

She's Possible

Top 5 Influential Female Leaders of 2023

Kaci King​

CEO of West Ohio Tool Co.​

Jennifer Swanson

Founder of KidLiteracy, Inc

Sarah Wills Carlsson

Founder of Nspir

Catherine Kerr

Founder of Kerrageous Inc.

Madhu Gulati

CEO of Marrina Decisions

Top 10

Influential Female Entrepreneurs of 2023

Robbin Jorgensen​

Founder of Women Igniting Change®

Sarah Evans

Co-founder and CEO at Well Beyond

Emily Hartstone

CEO of From the Hart Management

Epiphanie Yohou

Founder of Ayoka Essentials

Zovig Garboushian

Founder of Boldness Ablaze Consulting

Janice Shokrian

Founder of Tausi Brands

Kylie van Luyn

Founder of Elevated Coaching & Consulting

Nia Rennix

Founder of The Rennix Weigh

Jennifer Arvin Furlong

Founder of CommunicationTwentyFourSeven

Shayla Atkins

Founder of The Atkins Impact Consulting Firm

Top 25

Female Influencers of 2023

Dr. Natanya Wachtel

Founder of The New Solutions Network

Mou Dasgupta

Founder of Brook 37 LLC

Kendra Davies

Founder of Stellar Life Coaching

Haley Rose Hasho

Co-Founder of Exodus Capital

Amy Lynn Durham

Founder of Create Magic at Work®

Mary Ann Thompson-Frenk

Co-Founder of Memnosyne Institute

Tinosh Davarinia

Founder of Consciouslenz Coaching and Consulting

Melanie Panton

Founder of MeyvnMedia, LLC

Aytakin (Ika) Aliyeva

Founder of Femigrants

Amanda Huffman

Founder and CEO of Airman to Mom LLC

Tanya Stinson

Founder of Leaning Towards Change, LLC

Christina Björnström

Co-founder & CEO of Nooroot

Lindsay Maxwell-Stewart

Founder of Alexander Recruiting, LLC

Mary Lou Rodriguez

CEO of Mary Lou Rodriguez

Kimberly Wiefling

Co-founder of Silicon Valley Alliances

Bobbie Wasserman

Founder of Single Lady Estates®

Tania Arryales Rodriguez

Founder of Green Habitat Investments

Melissa Wildstein

President & Founder of The Matchstick Group

Patty Lindstrom

Founder and CEO of Creative Logic, Inc

Ebony Kirby-Hopkins

Founder of Mesh Business Advisors

Lonica Smith

Co-Founder of Butterfly Strategy Consulting

Amber Satterfield

Founder of Feel Good Nourishment

Maya Polackal

Co-founder and COO of Nooroot

Desiree Campos

Founder of Abel's Dream Foundation

Clair Marlo

Founder of Building 11 Music

Women Entrepreneurs Changing the Game: Panel Discussion

They’ll discuss the unique challenges faced by women in entrepreneurship, and share their strategies for success.

Empowering Women in the Workplace: Panel Discussion

“Empowering Women in the Workplace,” we will hear from experts on how to build and foster a supportive work environment for women.

The Power of Women Supporting Women: Panel Discussion

“The Power of Women Supporting Women,” will focus on the importance of building a strong network of supportive women.

Women Leaders Breaking Barriers: Panel Discussion

Join us for the last She’s Possible, where we will hear from women leaders who have broken through barriers to achieve success in their fields.

3rd Annual SHE'S POSSIBLE Why you should Join the List

Joining the list of 25 Top Influential Women is a great opportunity to highlights your accomplishments, increase visibility and recognition for your work which can leading to new opportunities and collaborations.  


An extensive spread, including professional photography, in our print publication and on our global website



Opportunity to speak in She’s Possible Panel Discussion on March 30, 2023, remotely.



An interview in Female Founders Podcast to promote you and your business online.



Logo, social media links, website backlink to your website, and flyers for your marketing purpose.


3rd Annual of She’s Possible 2023

For Women’s History Month

The celebration, which kicked off on March 1, 2023 with Recipe for Success and Power sessions, has been filled with inspiring events, including the highly-anticipated She’s Possible panel discussion. 

The She’s Possible Panel Discussion is a powerful reminder that women can achieve great things and make a significant impact on the world. It is a celebration of women’s achievements, as well as a source of inspiration and motivation for those who want to pursue their passions and make a difference in their communities. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a student, or just someone looking to be inspired, this event is a must-attend for anyone who wants to learn more about the power of women in business.


She's Possible 2022 Faces

As part of the She’s Possible celebration in honor of Women’s History Month in March 2022, we invited 25 influential young women and women in business to share their own stories, female role models, and hopes for young girls. These women participated in the celebration to inspire and empower others.

She's Possible 2022 Panel Discussion

In this panel discussion, our panel of experts discussed “how we as women can shape the future of society.” What more we should be doing to keep the conversation going about women being stronger together, more influential, and impactful when connected.

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She's Possible 2021 Faces

To celebrate Women’s History Month in March 2021, we asked 25 powerful women in business to share their female inspirations and what they dream for young girls while participating in a panel discussion as part of the She’s Possible series.

She's Possible 2023 List Are you ready for the nomination?