YOU WON THE Female Founders Voice Awards

Welcome and Congratulations! 

Every day, women launch, build, lead, inspire and help create change in the world. More and more, women are paving the way for young girls to become leaders in their communities. Every day, we hear and witness women’s accomplishments in this world. WomELLE is proud to present The Female Founders Voice Awards to recognize the best women founders and leaders.  

The annual Female Founders Voice Awards honors the achievements of women leaders and businesswomen and highlights their contributions to America’s economic growth. We invite you to support those inspirational stories that deserve to be told.  

The Award

You will receive an award to display in your office to showcase your company’s achievements and your success. 

The Surprise

Are you a coffee or tea lover? We will send you either coffee or tea for the ceremony day and a bag full of surprises. 

The Ceremony

Join us for the award ceremony to celebrate you and your success. To be held virtually on December 10, 2022.

The Network

Network with other businesswomen. Share your story and listen to their stories—the best way to networking online. 

Accept The Award

If you received an email or letter from WomELLE, that means you won an award and waiting on you to fill out this application to add your company to the final list of winners. Please fill out the form below by the due date to accept the award. This form will redirect you to pay the small fee of $275 (tax-deductible) to submit your final entry of acceptance for the award.