Ally Nathaniel

Ally Nathaniel

The Queen of Self-Publishing for Women & Creator of Emotional Business IQ™

Ally Nathaniel is a #1 bestselling author. She sold over 40,000 copies of her first book and topped Amazon for 16 weeks straight. She was also invited by Amazon to be a panelist and lead their social media campaign “Lunch with Authors.” Ally Nathaniel, “The Queen of Self-Publishing for Women” and creator of Emotional Business IQ™ coaches women who want to make a difference on how to use their story to build their business and change the world. Her book Redefining Success - Real Women, Real Stories, Real Inspiration is both inspirational thoughts provoking, and help women define what success really is. Ally delivers high-impact motivational and transformational techniques to women, so they can overcome held-back patterns, and use their story to inspire and make an impact.

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08:30 - 09:00

The 5 Mindset Secrets That Help Female Entrepreneurs Become Influential Leaders


What if you could make a few small mindset changes to help you become a better leader and therefore make a bigger impact in this world? In this session, Ally Nathaniel, creator of Emotional Business IQ™, will help female entrepreneurs understand some of the restricting patterns that hold them back from being an influential leader. Ally will also discuss how to release those patterns so women can make a huge difference for both themselves and others. Ally will talk about: What being a leader really means Which patterns are holding women back and how to eliminate them What is the #1 action to take in order to lead your life and business How to “win the stage” in a male dominated world The power of emotional release in order to grow your business This session is packed with insights and action items for female entrepreneurs who want to become leaders. If you aspire to grow your business and strengthen your leadership skills, you need to join Ally Nathaniel and learn how Emotional Business IQ™ will help you get there.